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Florida’s finest family owned full service jeweler

Hobe Sound Jewelers

#1 Rated Full Service Jewelry Store in the Treasure Coast of Florida

Over 43 Years of Exquisite Jewelry Services

Hobe Sound Jewelers is Martin County’s oldest jewelry store serving Hobe Sound, Stuart, Jupiter Island, and the Treasure Coast for over 43 years.

Our store specializes in providing residents with stunning pieces of fine jewelry, watches, and other accessories made from a variety of quality materials. We provide both antique pieces that have a history to tell, and custom-made jewelry designed especially for you.

The HSJ showroom is conveniently located right in the heart of the Treasure Coast in Hobe Sound and awaits everyone looking for pristine accessories to cross its threshold. Once you do, you will meet a team of jewelry experts and enthusiasts ready to assist you with anything you need.

In over 30 years, HSJ has developed an impressive reputation in the local community and beyond. We believe jewelry should be personal, unique, and have a personality made to match its owner. 

Our Company Values

Old-fashioned quality customer service since 1979

Family: As a third-generation family-owned company, we strive to offer all our clients exceptional jewelry services that go the extra mile. Our team is ready to help you browse through our curated selection, learn more about what you need and are looking for, and help you find or craft the perfect piece to complement your style;

Quality: We hold jewelry designed to last for generations. Whether it’s our custom jewelry that comes with impeccable finishes or a vintage piece we’ve restored, the HSJ craftsmanship is unmatched;

Support: The HSJ team is made up of many experts in different fields. We work with gemologists, goldsmiths, and antique jewelry specialists who constantly put all their knowledge on the table to provide our clients with unmatched customer support;

Celebrate: What is a piece of jewelry if not a celebration in and of itself? Whether you’re trying to mark a special occasion, make a statement, or complete your style with the perfect accessory, the HSJ will join in on the celebration and provide you with top-notch jewelry services.

We Create Art

Fine Jewelry Design

Fine jewelry is an art, not a fashion that goes out of style. It is why we strive to create timeless pieces that can be loved by generations, using only pristine-quality materials and relying on traditional techniques of jewelry making that provide unique results.

No two pieces will be identical. Each will have its own story to tell!

Our Florida workshop is always busy creating exceptional pieces for engagements, wedding anniversaries, birthdays, and any other occasion you can think of.

What you’ll get from the HSJ team is a piece of handmade jewelry, created by sourcing the finest gemstones, and by artists with incredible talent and a trained eye for perfecting any design, no matter how complex.

The gemstones are hand selected by Kurt, our president, and master craftsman, for their beauty and rarity. Each piece, no matter how simple or complicated, leverages the creativity and skill sets of our master jewelers, who’ve found a way to combine timeless techniques with the precision of modern technologies to create highly sophisticated pieces. 

Our jewelry design services are ideal for anyone who does not conform to what’s in fashion right now and prefers the beauty that can come from originality.

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