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Jewelry Design at it's best.

#1 Rated Custom Jewelry Design Services in Treasure Coast of Florida since 1979

Hobe Sound Jewelers design and manufacture jewelry designed for you that is as unique and individual as you are. 

A well-crafted custom piece of jewelry is the perfect choice for those looking to enhance their style and celebrate their uniqueness.

Hobe Sound Jewelers collaborates with a team of creative and talented jewelry designers residing right here in the heart of the Treasure Coast. These artists are masters of their craft and can create exquisite designs that truly compliments your individuality.

From simple and minimalist designs to the most intricate and extravagant, you’ll find out designers can master it all. Moreover, your piece will be worked on by our in-house jewelry artisans who will bring your ideas and the design to life in a truly breathtaking way.

Whether you are looking for an exquisite engagement ring designed to reflect your partner’s uniqueness, want an original bracelet design to gift someone you love, or need a stunning statement piece, or simply wish to expand your collection of accessories with something out of the box, our custom jewelry design services are perfect for all occasions.

First, we listen. Then, we Design.

Custom Jewelry – How it works

Bespoke jewelry pieces expertly created to celebrate your special moments.

Whenever you are ready to upgrade from mass-produced jewelry pieces, you can tap into a custom-designed piece of jewelry in just 4 simple steps:

Tell Us Your Vision – We will arrange an appointment with our design team where you can tell them all about the custom piece you want to make. Bring us all your inspiration sources like pictures or catalogs, and let our designers craft the perfect embodiment of your idea.

See the 3D Rendering – Once our team has all the details, they will begin putting pen to paper then a 3D rendering will be created.  Once the rendering is ready, you can take a look at your future piece of jewelry and see if it matches your expectations. Of course, changes are always possible at this stage, as the Hobe Jewelers team strives to offer all our clients impeccable results!

Get Your Unique Piece – Once you are happy with the design, our team of local artists will be busy creating your piece of jewelry from scratch. We use a combination of traditional techniques with modern tools, and quality source materials to allow us to create refined pieces that can last a lifetime.

Enjoy Your New Piece – Let your new custom piece of jewelry represent a little bit of who you truly are. Flaunt it effortlessly anywhere you go and treasure the joys that only a custom piece of jewelry can create.

No Shortcuts

Why Make Your Custom Pieces at Hobe Sound Jewelers

It’s never been easier to find the perfect piece of jewelry to complete your style or attract the attention of an audience. Ready-made pieces are available everywhere, made from all sorts of materials to match any style, and any budget.

But ready-made pieces cannot compare with a custom design made by an artist who dedicates their attention and artistry to jewelry. 

We believe that our custom jewelry design services are the perfect choice for anyone looking to celebrate their uniqueness and are not content with just following the latest fashion.

Our custom jewelry designs are:

  • Tailored to you – You are the muse and the inspiration behind the piece. Whether you have a clear idea in mind or let our designers build your piece from scratch, the results will faithfully represent your individuality;
  • Quality, above all else – Our team specializes in all areas of jewelry creation. We are attentive to the finest details, carefully choose our materials, and strive to provide seamless results with all our creations;
  • Timeless beauty, created now – Custom-made pieces crafted by hand outlive fashion trends. Get a piece that your family can cherish for generations to come.

Make A Lasting Impression With A Bespoke Engagement Ring - Just for her

Contact us now at (772) 546-7940 to get started on your unique piece.