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How To Clean Your Jewelry

Your jewelry pieces do carry their value, and coupled with their sentimentality, are simply – priceless!

Your priceless jewelry pieces may have been a meaningfull anniversary gift or a dazzling engagement ring or a statement piece.

Loving your pieces mean that you wear them all the time, which then becomes difficult to avoid scratches, loss of brightness of precious metals, and loosening of prongs.

In order to preserve their value as well as their sentimentality, it is imperative to maintain your rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets as well as watches in great condition.

If your engagement ring needs restoration or your vintage piece needs a little shine, see the five golden rules to take great care of your jewelry pieces.

Keep your Jewelry dry & clean

Warm water and mild dish soap will clean most jewelry.

Do not use abrasives (toothpaste, powered cleaners, etc.) and stiff bristle brushes to clean any of your jewelry. This may damage your piece.

Avoid chlorine and acid based liquids as the fumes can be just as damaging as the liquid.

Avoid contact with lotion or perfume

Gold, Platinum colored gems and pearls are all extremely sensitive to chemicals.

This includes, makeup, body lotions, deodorant, hairsprays, gels, and perfume.

Apply perfume, hair spray, deodorant, and wait for it to dry before putting your jewelry on. If any lotion or perfume does come in contact with your jewelry, remove any residue with warm water and gentle dish soap and dry with soft cloth.

Do not wear your jewelry in the swimming pool, gym or the spa.

it is important to remember that if you are going to swim or sweat, do it without your jewelry.

As tempting as it may be wear your precious jewelry during exercise or when in the spa. Wearing jewelry in a heavily chlorinated pool, even in contact with sweat, can in time, change the chemical composition of the gold, platinum, or palladium enough to make it brittle and breakable.

Protection plan

Because repairs and replacements can be expensive, if your jeweler is offering an an extended warranty, also known as a protection plan, it is advisable to purchase it. This will provide you the coverage to replace or repair any defects or breakdown that comes from wear and tear.

Store jewelry properly

It is important to store your jewelry pieces carefully in a jewelry box so that they do not become lost. placing your each piece in individual bags or pouches will ensure that they do not become disclored, entangled, scratched or broken.